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What our clients think?

Over the last five years, has provided ‘The Mobile Life’ book and International Skills Program to our employees and their partners who we have moved globally.

It is a must for anyone looking for effective and practical strategies to manage the relocation experience.

Mark Derksen, Head of Global Mobility,

Since 2007 Unique Multilingual Services (multilingual recruitment agency) has offered its international contractors the International Skills Program delivered by Anne Parker. We find the focus of the training program on skills to manage personal change important for our employees who have all been through the experience of moving to the Netherlands and have had to recreate their lives here.

The International Skills Program enables our employees to understand the Dutch culture better and bring their ability to manage change into the workplace where our client companies feel the benefit.

Michiel Drenth, General Manager, Unique Multilingual Services B.V.

In 2008, Anne Parker introduced a new training into our Company, KeyGene N.V. in Wageningen. The International Skills Program has turned out to be very successful for our international employees in terms of change management behavior and socialization within KeyGene and the Netherlands. Based on very positive feedback, KeyGene has decided to offer this training to all new international colleagues.

Anne’s approach is very professional. She is an experienced trainer who is able to bring delicate subjects to the table in a respectful, open and action oriented way.

Angelique Philipsen, Vice President P&O KeyGene NV

The strength of the International Skills Program is that it gives you both theoretical and practical information for coping with changes associated with international repatriation.

It helps you to consider solutions to the difficulties around transition with the help of a cross section of experience from other participants.

I would recommend this course strongly to all internationals.

Europol participant

Using The Mobile Life book in my lessons, ensures me that students are fully equipped to take on any move abroad.

The resources and practical approach shared by the authors make it easy to apply for students of all ages.

Analysing their current and future lives is the first step of blooming into the great adventure of living abroad.

Suzaan Pretorius, International Business Studies, Business & Administration College, Utrecht

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