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About The International Skills Company

The training company that enables international employees to survive and thrive in their new environments.

The International Skills Company was founded by Anne Parker, a qualified learning professional who focuses on leadership and capability development. In 2011, Anne developed a unique program to support employees and partners relocating for work, ‘The International Skills Program’. This training program takes a corporate skills based approach using project management, change management, leadership and cultural communication skills.

Since 2006 Anne has been providing customised training programs to a wide range of companies including EU organisations, and has a track record of delivering high quality impact.

Anne was born to British parents in New Zealand and has lived in Hong Kong, Bahrain, Jamaica, Nigeria, the UK and Australia. Now based in Amsterdam, she has used her wealth of experience to develop training programs for international companies on capabilities such as cultural adaptation, intercultural communication and change management.

Her background is in leadership development, designing and delivering global learning initiatives that produce behavioural change and business impact.

Anne has a level 5 Certificate in Learning and Development, CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development)

This is the only relocation support of its kind that approaches the relocation experience from a business management perspective, enabling expats to plan, manage and motivate themselves through ongoing change

Anne Parker, Founder of International Skills Company

Anne Parker of the International Skills Company on the Learn Grow Succeed Podcast

Anne Parker discusses how Internationals who relocate will experience significant, and ongoing change.

To be successful in adapting to their new environment, she maintains, an International requires the ability to consciously manage change on a personal level.

International Skills Company is the only relocation support that approaches the relocation experience from a business management perspective.

The goal of the different support tools offered by the company are that Internationals are able to develop leadership, cultural and change management skills and strategies to rebuild their life successfully and stay.

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